How To Start Making Money Once You Are Approved Into YouTube Monetization

If you’re a YouTube creator who has met the eligibility requirements for monetization, you may be eager to start making money from your videos. In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of YouTube monetization and provide some tips on how to optimize your channel for revenue.

What is YouTube Monetization?

YouTube monetization is the process of earning money from your videos by displaying ads or offering other features to your viewers, such as memberships, merchandise, or Super Chat. To be eligible for monetization, you need to meet certain criteria:

  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months or 10M Valid Public Shorts view
  • Comply with all YouTube’s policies and guidelines
  • Have an AdSense account linked to your YouTube channel

Once you meet these requirements, you can apply for monetization in the YouTube Studio dashboard. YouTube will review your channel and notify you of your approval or rejection. If approved, you can begin earning money from your videos.

How to Earn Money from YouTube Monetization?

There are various ways to earn money from YouTube monetization, depending on your channel’s size and niche. Here are some common ones:

  • Ads: Enable ads on your videos and earn a share of the revenue generated by them. You can choose from different types of ads, such as skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, overlay ads, display ads, and sponsored cards. You can also customize where and when ads appear on your videos. However, not all videos are eligible for ads, and some may have limited or no ads due to factors such as content suitability, advertiser preferences, and viewer location.
  • Memberships: Offer memberships to your viewers and let them access exclusive perks such as badges, emojis, live chats, videos, and polls. To be eligible for memberships, you need to have more than 30,000 subscribers (or 1,000 subscribers if you are a gaming channel). You can set different membership levels and prices for your channel and share a portion of the revenue with YouTube.
  • Merchandise: Sell your own branded merchandise to your viewers and display a shelf of your products below your videos. To be eligible for merchandise, you need to have more than 10,000 subscribers and be in one of the supported countries. You can choose from a variety of products and designs from YouTube’s approved merchandising partners and earn a profit from each sale.
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: Enable Super Chat and Super Stickers on your live streams and premieres and let your viewers pay to highlight their messages or send animated stickers in the chat. To be eligible for Super Chat and Super Stickers, you need to be in one of the supported countries and have more than 1,000 subscribers. You can earn a share of the revenue from these features after YouTube takes a cut.

How to Optimize Your Channel for YouTube Monetization?

To maximize your earnings from YouTube monetization, you need to optimize your channel for both views and revenue. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Create high-quality and engaging content that attracts and retains viewers.
  • Use SEO best practices to optimize your titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails, etc.
  • Promote your videos on social media and other platforms.
  • Interact with your audience and build a loyal fan base.
  • Analyze your performance and revenue data in YouTube Analytics.
  • Experiment with different monetization features and strategies.
  • Follow YouTube’s policies and guidelines and avoid violating them.


YouTube’s monetization is a great way to earn money from your passion and creativity as a video creator. However, it requires hard work, dedication, and patience to succeed. By following the steps above, you can start making money once you are approved for YouTube monetization and grow your channel over time.

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