How to get 1000 youtube watch hours super quickly!

Want to get 1000 hours of Watch Time on YouTube so you can begin to monetize your content? Find out how to get 1000 youtube watch hours quickly in this guide. If you are a beginner, then I will not lie to you, and getting your first 1000 hours will be difficult.

You will be new in the field, and it will take time to create quality content, and you will be learning from your mistakes of what to do and what not to, but if you follow all the guidelines given on this blog, you might get successful in reaching 1000 hours quickly. And, before we go further, let’s understand 

What is watch time?

According to Youtube, watch hours are defined as “The amount of time that a viewer has watched a video,” and aggregating the time the users have watched the video will give you the total watch hours.

The longer someone watches a video, the more likely it is to have content relevant to their search. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that YouTube emphasizes watch time as a primary ranking signal in their algorithm.

We got a basic idea of what to do to get more views; the first is creating a video relevant to the search.

How do I increase my YouTube watch time?

To increase YouTube watch time, make sure your content creation strategy focuses on quality videos that are highly relevant to audience interests and searches. In this way, users will watch your video, and you get more views. Hence, more watch time.

However, to get discovered on YouTube, search results can be pretty tricky at first. The most prominent ways to do that is so that your content will appear in the search results is to answer questions, provide valuable information on topics people are searching for in your content video, especially if those topics are recent, for example, the latest technology, gaming, cosmetics, etc., in this way you can appear in the search for those topics.

These give out a psychological fact that people like to know about what they don’t know, so create something exciting and valuable to be interested in watching your video.

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Now, what do you need to do to get 1000 watch hours on youtube quickly?

Things to do to get 1000 hours fast

  • ✔️ Video Search engine Optimization: Try to create content that will appear in the search engines like Google or Youtube search. Without getting traffic from these search engines, your channel will have a hard time growing. The best thing is to do is to research for keywords in SEO to get more watch time and subscribers,
  • ✔️ Add previous videos in Cards and blocks: It’s a big thing to keep your users intact with your channel. Whenever the video ends, youtube shows blocks of videos that the user might be interested in watching. So, let’s say a user landed on your video from youtube research, and after watching your video, the user is interested to know more! And click on the following video, and here you will get more watch hours.
  • ✔️ More Videos means more solutions: With more videos, you will have more chances to get ranked on multiple keywords on Search engines which will get you more watch time.
  • ✔️ Promote your Videos on Medium and Quora: User-generated sites get ranked most like Medium, and Quora helps you reach many audiences. And they have the higher domain authority to get ranked in search engines.
  • ✔️ Write a blog: While writing, you can express your passion and take advantage of it to insert your youtube videos and get more traffic from Google search, and it will help you improve your SEO of video.

In your video

How to get 1000 youtube watch hours quickly

  • ✔️ Create quality content in your video: Try to create something unique and driven towards the targeted audience.
  • ✔️ First 15 seconds of your video: The first 15 seconds are crucial, which decides whether the viewer will watch the video till the end or leave. So, try to put some curiosity which will bind the viewer to watch the full video.
  • ✔️ Choose relevant, attractive titles & thumbnails: Not To get misled, try to use relevant titles and thumbnails for the video. But make sure they are “attractive” too!
  • ✔️ Keep a watch on your YouTube analytics: Check your video’s analysis regularly to make sure it is heading in the right direction.

Consistency is the key to increase Watch Time

Viral videos are a good thing that allows you to kickstart your channel. But that’s 1 in a 100, so try to be consistent with creating videos and uploading them in regular intervals, which lets your audience know more about it. 

Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is harder. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose and of action over a long period of time.”

Bruce Springsteen 

Even if you cross 1000 watch time, but you are not consistent, then YouTube will reduce watch time, and you will have to reach 1000 watch time again to get monetized. YouTubers also call it “YouTube burnout,” which means Famous YouTubers also have the problem of not getting views if they were not consistent with their channel.


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