Top 20 Tips To Reach 4000 Watch Hours And Grow Your Channel!

1. Improve video thumbnails

Have you ever heard that the first impression is the last impression? If you have heard this, you should understand that the first impression of your videos is the thumbnail. That is the first thing that people see about your videos. Therefore make good looking thumbnails and easily explain the contents of your videos.

2. Write good titles

Title is the second thing that people see about your videos. As soon as they see thumbnails, the next thing their eyes do is to read the title. Thus if you want people to decide to watch your video, you must write good titles. Make them short yet exciting to read. Don’t reveal too much and try to arouse curiosity.

As the first impression of your video are titles and thumbnails, the first impression of your channel is made by cover art and logo. Thus they must look good. If you are not too good with graphics just make a simple yet elegant looking cover art and logo that conveys the spirit of your channel,

4. Use keywords

Keywords are search terms that people use while searching for a video of their choice or need. Use a keyword research tool to know about the words that people put into search boxes while searching for your type of content. Use those words in your titles and that will improve the discoverability of your videos.

5. Write video description

Most people think descriptions are not necessary as nobody reads them. But writing it by including relevant keywords allows the youtube algorithm to understand your content and recommend it to people.

Description is a good place to add keywords for the youtube algorithm, but it is also a great place to add links to your related videos so that viewers can find them as well. 

7. Add tags and categories

Adding tags and categories to your videos is another powerful way to tell youtube about the type of your content. The better Youtube understands your content, the better it is able to make recommendations about your videos to the viewers.

8. Make video introductions

A big problem for many YouTubers is that viewers skip videos after watching it for a few seconds. To tackle this problem you can make attractive introductions of a few seconds that highlight the interesting parts of your videos so that people know that video is worth keep watching.  

9. Use graphics and animations

Using simple graphics and animations in your videos can make them look interesting to the viewers and they may love to watch more of it.

10. Show yourself in your videos

Many people don’t feature themself in their videos, they just include their voices. But showing yourself up helps because it allows viewers to connect with you as a person. And if they love your personality they may actually watch more of your videos.

No matter what niche of videos you belong to. Just find how your niche relates to a recent trending event and make videos on it. People really love to watch videos on trending topics.

12. Use youtube ads

Ads on youtube are not very costly and you pay only when somebody watches your video after seeing the ad. This can really help give your channel an initial boost.

13. Buy youtube watch time

There are many legit online platforms that can provide you with watch time for a small fee. This helps give your channel an initial boost. Once your video has some views, it starts to look authentic and more people actually watch it.

14. Interact with audience

Interact with your audience whenever they comment on your videos. Replying to their comments make them feel connected to you and they may watch more of your videos. 

15. Make playlists

Making a playlist helps people easily find content on your channel. It also makes youtube automatically play the next video from the playlist when one video ends. All this can make viewers watch more of your videos.

16. Make the videos of right length

Much shorter videos like 1 minute do not help you gather enough watch time. On the other hand, longer videos like 20 minutes may not gather many views because you are new and many people may not watch long videos of yours. 5-10 minutes is a good length for a beginner.

17. Be consistent

Adding regular videos make your viewers believe that you are serious about your youtube channel. Uploading videos at a pre scheduled time also helps because it helps your viewers to already know that your video is coming at that time and they may watch it.

18. Be frequent and have a good amount of content

Keep adding videos every week or every two weeks. This helps you be frequent and have more content. Having more content makes your channel look valuable to the viewers. If there are only a handful of videos, it gives a bad impression about your channel.

19. Improve content quality

Your video must deliver some value to the viewers. It must entertain them, give them some knowledge or solve a problem they are facing. If you are uploading videos without enough value for the viewers they won’t watch it. 

20. Study successful channels

Study successful channels on youtube that belong to your niche. See what is special about the videos that people love to watch them. Try to make more content like that.