4000 hours equal to…Find out how much it would take!

A funny (maybe) section we did that converts 4000 hours in other activities.
An engaging and interesting way to see the crazy amount of hours that YouTube creators need in order to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program!

So, discover below the stuff you could make.

In 4000 hours, you could…


In 4k hours You could drive 360k kilometers. That means 10 times around the globe!


In 4k hours You could watch 2666 soccer matches. That's equal to 70 seasons of your favorite club!


In 4k hours a girl will lose 16k hairs. Make sure you have a broom to clean up!


In 4k hours You could watch 10% of the entire content on Netflix!

6 Months

In 4k hours You could spend 6 months of your life. Imagine watching youtube ceaselessly for 6 months!

66 Million

In 4k hours humans give birth to more than 66 million babies around the world!

91 million

Every 4k hours approx 91 million new websites get launched around the world!

53 Billion

Every 4k hours Jeff Bezos earned 53 billion during 2020!

900 Million

Every 4k hours the world produces 900 million tonnes of steel!

10 Billion

In 4k hours, the world consumes more than 10 billion units of electricity!

1.25 Million

In 4k hours, your heart pumps 1.25 million litres of blood!

400 Million

In 4k hours the earth travels 400 million kilometres around the sun!
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